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Speech Therapy

Communicating our thoughts, feelings and ideas is integral to developing human relationships. A child's learning, play, and family interactions can be significantly impacted by speech, language, or feeding impairments. At Pediatric Rehabilitation & Wellness our speech language pathologists have training and experience in a variety of approaches to improve a wide range of communication and feeding challenges.


At PRW we treat clients with the following speech pathology diagnoses:

  • Articulation disorders

  • Receptive, espressive, and pragmatic language disorders

  • Verbal apraxia

  • Swallowin/feeding disorders

  • Hearing loss

  • Neurological communication disorders

  • Phonological disorders

  • Phonemic awareness skills

  • Resonance issues as a result of cleft lip and palate

  • Voice disorders

  • Fluency (stuttering)

  • Tongue thrust

  • Autism spectrum disorders


Our Master's level, nationally certified speech language pathologists are experienced with the following techniques:


Contact us to schedule an evaluation if you feel your child might need help in any of these areas.

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